Click Here To Download Application for Raffle License

Who Should File:

Any bona fide Religious, Charitable, Labor, Business, Fraternal, Educational or Veterans organization that operate without profit to their members and has been in continuous existence for 5 years.

Kane County issues raffle licenses for prizes awarded in some villages/cities and all unincorporated areas located in Kane County. Before applying for a raffle license with Kane County, contact the city or village where your raffle is taking place to see if you should be applying with that government office. If you are holding your raffle in unincorporated Kane, or with a city or village that has designated Kane County as the issuing authority, then you will apply with the Kane County Clerk’s Office. The raffle license is obtained from the city, village, or county where the prize is going to be awarded.

*Political organizations wanting to hold a raffle, must contact the State Board of Elections 312-814-6440.


Contact the Illinois Department of Revenue for a Bingo application.

Filing Fees:

If the total aggregate value of the prize is under $500, the organization is automatically licensed without applying.

Total aggregate prize value $500.00 to $5,000.00 - $14.00 filing fee

Total aggregate prize value $5001.00 up to $500,000.00 - $25.00 filing fee


Official Bond for Raffle Manager – Must be filed, only, if the total aggregate value of prizes is less than $15,000. If more than $15,000, a corporate bond must be submitted.

After the Raffle:

Each licensee shall within 30 days of the raffle report to its membership and the County Clerk's Office the following:

  • Gross receipts generated by the conducting of the raffle.
  • An itemized list of all reasonable operating expenses which have been deducted from the gross receipts.
  • Net proceeds from the conducting of the raffle.
  • An itemized list of the distribution of the net proceeds.
  • A list of prize winners.

Other Information:

  • The license is good for one raffle only.
  • The price of a single ticket cannot exceed $200.00.
  • Total value of prize(s) shall not exceed $500,000.00
  • The maximum number of days for selling tickets shall not exceed 180 days.
  • The County Clerk’s office does not sell daily raffle licenses.
  • The filing may be done by mail. We would need the completed application, check or money order, and appropriate bond attached.
  • The County Clerk’s office has 10 days to process an application.
  • The Kane County Clerk’s office cannot issue a raffle license for a raffle to be held using any type electronic machine.
  • The Kane County Clerk’s office does not issue a raffle license for Bingo.